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Our Approach

The Isaac Consulting Group’s (ICG) mission focuses on improving federal agency performance. Agencies are under continual pressures to operate more efficiently and effectively, while at the same time to justify and execute their hard-earned appropriated funds. We bring proferssional skills and experience to prevent, detect, or correct agency financial management concerns.

The ICG Story

The Isaac Consulting Group (ICG) is the result of seeing the odd correlation of annual increased federal spending with annual reporting of mediocre-to-poor performance. How can that be? There are many talented and skilled federal workers and managers. However, workers and managers move around without leaving institutional knowledge in place.

ICG recognizes the need for the federal workforce to change and we observed that sucessor managers and workers may not be equipped to effectively perform roles and duties that are mandated by ever changing legislation, hence, mediocre-to-poor performance.

ICG has obtained financial management experience from the commercial industry, federal contractor community, and federal employment. ICG commercial financial management experience grew from working at Fortune 500 companies, federal contractor work experience for major federal contractos, and direct federal employment as well.

As a result, ICG was created by a passion to increase the positive reporting of federal productivity and reduces waste, fraud, and mismanagement based on more efficiencies in daily operations.

The Isaac Consulting Group’s (ICG) mission focuses on improving federal agency performance.

Meet the Founder

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Corry Isaac

Founder & COO

Mr. Isaac is an experienced financial management professional with a successful history performing key management roles in government administration, management consulting industry, and corporate financial operations. Previously, he led the program management transformation of the asset management functions for the U.S. House of Representatives. The focused effort, prompted by numerous adverse auditor findings, led to the elimination of a significant deficiency over property and equipment controls.

Prior experience includes: program management, internal controls management, directed process re-engineering solutions, chief liaison to auditors, developed finance policy and procedures, and led earned value methods program rep[[orting. His skills excel in fixing non-compliant issues, implementing re-engineered process solutions, and improving stakeholder knowledge, understanding, and support. His leadership contributions and success have shaped his ethos in approaching work tasks, organization identity, and esprit de corps based on these principles:

  • Focus on the situation/task at hand, the facts and data, not on the messenger
  • Respect and maintain the self-confidence of all contributors
  • Reach consensus and collaborate on problem solving,
  • Decide what to do, set goals, and move forward
  • Lead by example, show the way, get results

Mr. Isaac holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Seattle Pacific University (SPU), with post graduate studies in Finance from SPU, further studies in Computer Information Systems from Strayer University. He earned four professional certificates in government financial management, including: Accounting, Auditing, Budgeting, and Financial Management. He also earned a Master’s Certificate from George Washington University in Government Contracting.


Next Steps...

If your agency needs to plan ahead for new performance reporting ideas, or needs to resolve an existing financial management or operational issue, then reach out to us for a preliminary discussion on providing solutions for your need.